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Satellite Group, founded in early 1990s, is a modern holding group company controlled by Zhejiang Satellite Petrochemical Co.,Ltd, with the headquarter located in Nanhu, Jiaxing where the Communist Party of China was founded. Satellite Group, inheriting the Red Boat spirit, strives to build the industrial distribution which focuses on industry, investment, petrochemical, trade and finance to achieve the global layout and international management under the trend of reform and opening-up.

  • Green Chemistry

    Guided by safety development, green development, recycle development and high-quality development. Focusing on a ‘light raw materials’ developing route and chemical new materials. Improving supply side reform. Extending the upstream and downstream industrial chain.

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  • Global Supply Chain

    Guided by the global strategy, thinking by IOT, expanding global petrochemical raw material trade, taking advantage of private terminal, covering the domestic main coastal market and riverside market as well as extending the whole world. Providing the most competitive supply chain advantages, building a trade network covering the Yangtze River Delta.

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  • Industrial Investment

    Based on the birthplace, Jiaxing, carrying forward Spirit of the Red Boat, insisting on industry serving country, building chemical new chemical materials industrial chain by industrial investment. Supporting research and development of chemical new chemical materials and key technological breakthrough. In the future, being committed to work in the field of basic chemistry, breaking through the technical barriers of foreign advanced new materials, mastering independent intellectual property rights in order to promote the high-quality development of chemical new materials. 

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  • Financial Service

    Focusing on expanding financing channels for the real economy, releasing the difficulties in ‘financing channels of small and micro businesses’ and ‘private capital investment’. Being committed to transparent private financing, protect private capital owners’ legitimate rights, provide efficient financial innovation support and financial services supplement for the regional economic transformation development.

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